Product / Service #1

This is a one time deal no contract no obligation service,This is for the individual who cleans his own tub but for whatever reason is unable to get to it that day.On Call i will come out drain your tub refill the tub with clean water spray off your filters wipe down your siding and your cover replace the silver-ion Cartridge and Chlorine or non-MPS Chlorine if preferred.

Product / Service #2

This is a Quarterly service where i come out to your residence every 3 months 4 times a year and i insure your new investment will stay beautiful for years to come.I wipe down the inside and out wipe down the cover total drain and refill of the tub spray off filters replace silver-ion cartridge and chlorine.For Salt water Ace System users i will check the PH Balance adjust your out put levels clean the Ace system device and also spray off filters and wipe down the hot Tub.

Product / Service #3

This option i come out every 4 months,when your Silver-ion cartridge life has run out and it's time to replace the water.The tub will look cleaner, feel cleaner, The water will be soft and silkier on the skin. I can provide the Vanishing act Pillow on request to bring the hard water levels down.Replace the Silver -ion cartridge spray off the filters add Chlorine with Stain and scale defense to keep the minerals dissolved in the water wipe down the tub with UV Protection to keep the damaging sun rays from destroying the luster of your tub.

I Provide chemicals if you are not able to purchase