Our Approach

Our Vision

Immaculate hot tub cleaner believes in cleanliness. and the understanding of the importance of a clean tub. for years i have come back to visit customers where the neglect has damaged a very expensive hot tub. like; Cover erosion, Cracked shells, Dirt inside the tub, Yellow mustered alga caked  on the shell, Brown water, and Dirty filters. Hard water causes damage to the pumps and seals. i save you time and money by applying good old fashion elbow grease. I don't use harsh chemicals or abrasives,only hot tub products to insure your tub is running at peek condition for years to come.

Our Story

Our Passion

I started out Installing new hot tubs, and removing the old previous tub. I saw where people had discarded a tub that was still usable, but because a pump went out they replaced the whole tub. I also saw a tub that had a cover that literally shredded in my hands from sun damage, That if UV protection would have been applied they could have received allot more years out of it. Seeing a business owner replace a pump and cover and resale the Hot Tub sickened me. And i saw an opportunity to give people longer lasting life with there Hot Tubs. I work with Hot tubs daily, and the stories go on forever. "Let me save you from being one of those stories".

Meet the immaculate hot tub cleaner

I pride my self on commitment and Dependability, and i love making people happy everywhere i go.

Charles E Ligons III

I have worked the last few years in Hot Tub Installation and removal and in my few years i love meeting all the different people that live in the State of Arizona.

All Hot Tubs excepted

Chemical Cleanse available!